About Seedlight Workshops

Rooting people to the planet, one picture at a time.

Seedlight Workshops connects photographers with a passion for the environment to environmental organizations with urgent, compelling stories that need telling. Together, they can create powerful imagery that reminds the viewer of the importance of protecting the planet.

Advocacy photography to elevate environmental consciousness.

Our workshops are designed for photographers with a strong interest in environmental issues and a desire to develop stories that reveal the human connection to nature and the planet’s natural resources. Photographers are partnered with local and global environmental organizations working at the heart of the story to teach them how to create effective visual media projects while helping those organizations to better utilize visual storytelling in their work.

We teach participants how to conceptualize, plan, implement and produce conservation photography projects. Our photographers learn how to match their environmental interests with the right organization and how to pitch their idea to that organization. Photographers discover not only how to work within the confines of an environmental NGO’s needs to expand creative limits but also how to help NGO’s see the project to fruition as an effective outreach tool. In the process, a strong body of portfolio images is created with which each new “environmental documentarian” can leverage their next photo project.

**Check out Bridget’s Q&A on her workshops with travel writer Ellen Barone written up on her blog in May 2013**