“Bridget, thank you for so freely sharing your knowledge, skills and experience in conservation photojournalism. I loved your enthusiasm and energy. And you were a gentle and kind teacher when we needed encouragement. You are the best at what you do, and you are doing it with heart. For sure, you inspired many photographers in the workshop to continue this work. What could be a better way to express love of nature, photography and activism all at once?”
—Lea Ramirez from Maine, Penobscot River Restoration Conservation Photo Workshop 2011

Your kind email finds me still en route to Cuenca, where my mind is busy replaying the grandeur, warmth and growth I experienced at Patagonia Sur last week. It was an amazing glimpse into a very special place and your passion for bringing attention to it through your art. You are a talented photographer, a passionate conservationist with infectious warmth.
—Ellen Barone, world traveler, Preserving Patagonia 2012 Workshop

“This has truly been the trip of a lifetime. I feel as though I have been fortunate enough to travel to some pretty extraordinary places in my life, and this adventure truly puts them all at a distant second. Obviously a big part of this is the pristine beauty and grandeur of the Patagonian region. I have never experienced such beauty and I can already tell Chilean Patagonia will become a place I visit often. Hopefully, I can find ways to help protect it and to help others enjoy this wonderful part of the world. It would be difficult to understate how large a part you all played in making this such a memorable moment in my life. This workshop not only increased my knowledge of photography, but enriched my life and even my soul.”
—Alex Amit from Atlanta, Preserving Patagonia 2012 Workshop

“Bridget’s workshop was everything I had hoped it would be. Bridget is a wonderful teacher who generously shares her knowledge and experience in Conservation Photojournalism. You will not only gain experience working with an organization, but will learn how to approach an organization and execute a project. You will leave the week with the knowledge and support to move forward professionally in photography.”
—Collin Howell from Texas, MMW Conservation Photojournalism 2012

“I just wanted to say thanks so much for all of the work you did teaching the workshop. It was better than I ever imagined it could be. I had wanted to take a workshop for years and I’m so glad I waited for this. I came home with such a sense of purpose, and so joyful that what I love has a name, and now I have all of this insight into how to go about doing it.”
—Cristina Rutter, from Chicago, MMW Conservation Photojournalism 2010

“I just can’t say enough about how much I appreciate all time and spirit you put into the workshop and connecting with each of us. I’m still in awe over all that you were able to convey and transfer to me/others over the course of the week.”
—Brian Peters from Maryland, MMW Conservation Photojournalism 2010

“Thank you for the amazing dedication that you brought to this wonderful week and to each and every one of the students. It was so nice to be so well “taken care of” photographically by someone who really wanted us to do well and who did all of the gymnastics required to make sure that we got as much as possible from the course.”
—Diane Arjoon from Toronto, MMW Conservation Photojournalism 2010

“Your workshop really has planted some interesting seeds for me. I have so many thoughts exploding – fountain style – from my head in terms of this work. From project research to self-branding to everything in between. Your workshop has prepared me to approach my photographic ideas confidently – with thoughtfulness and thoroughness.”
—Megan Mallory from Maine, MMW Conservation Photojournalism 2011

“Left Maine yesterday — felt like I was leaving a piece of me behind! I can’t wait for my next (conservation) workshop (I’m crossing my fingers it happens sooner rather than later). The whole thing was so wonderful I can’t stop talking about the experience.”
—Sarah Craig from California, MMW Conservation Photojournalism 2012

“At the airport in JFK to jet off to foreign lands again. I had a really great time in the course and was so happy to meet you all. I have been telling everyone I have met since about how cool you all were and how I am thinking of projects I can do in CPJ.”
—Erin van der Wyk from Austrailia, MMW Conservation Photojournalism 2012