PEOPLE IN NATURE: Conservation Photojournalism in Maine

Photographers need stories to tell. Environmental organizations have stories that need telling. Together they can create powerful imagery that reminds the viewer of the importance of protecting the planet. This workshop is for photographers with a strong interest in environmental issues and a desire to develop stories that reveal the human connection to nature and the planet’s natural resources.

  • When: 11-17 August 2013
  • Where: Maine Media Workshops, Rockport Maine
  • Price: $1,150
PEOPLE IN NATURE: Conservation Photojournalism in Maine
PEOPLE IN NATURE: Conservation Photojournalism in Maine
PEOPLE IN NATURE: Conservation Photojournalism in Maine

Workshop Details

Students work directly with communications staff at either The Nature Conservancy, Maine Coast Heritage Trust or Coastal Mountains Land Trust to develop their story and to photograph it during the week. Each of these organizations has several great conservation projects happening in the Midcoast region, and have offered to work with our students to envision the photography and then to help them gain access to these sites throughout the week. A portion of each day is spent working with the organization to create a body of work that sharpens photographic skills within the context of an environmental story.

Students work with Bridget each day to evaluate their experiences working with the organization, and to guide their photographic coverage. Daily discussions encompass all aspects of the process, from finding the right story and matching it with an organization to developing a relationship and pitching an idea to the organization. Participants discover not only how to work within the confines of an NGO’s needs to expand creative limits but also how to help NGO’s see the project to fruition as an effective outreach tool. The end result is imagery that participants can be proud of on a multitude of levels.

PEOPLE IN NATURE: Conservation Photojournalism in Maine

I had wanted to take a workshop for years and I'm so glad I waited for this. I came home with such a sense of purpose, and so joyful that what I love has a name, and now I have all of this insight into how to go about doing it.
~ Cristina Rutter

More Information & Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

Like Seedlight Workshops, Think Tank Photo believes that storytelling through photography remains one of the most powerful tools for social change. A picture is worth not only a thousand words, it can be worth a thousand minds changed, a thousand votes, a thousand behaviors transformed. To protect the environment we must first educate the species that has the greatest impact on it.

The Nature Conservancy

Maine Coast Heritage Trust

Coastal Mountains Land Trust

Collaboration with Leica

leica Leica represents a union of craftsmanship, technology and experience. It is at once an extension of art, knowledge and philosophy, providing a state-of-the-art optical experience in a precision, hand-made photographic instrument. Leica Camera has a simple mission: to provide users with an incomparable experience, an instrument that defines an unsurpassed heritage and sets a standard of excellence for the industry to meet.

Workshop participants have the opportunity to utilize the latest additions to Leica’s storied M-System, the Leica M9 and M9-P. The entire portfolio of M lenses is also available throughout the workshop, including the latest Super-Elmar-M 21 mm f/3.4 ASPH, an amazingly compact super wide angle lens.